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Yeah, I'm just watching my least favorite show... Farmer wants to be a wife...
I'm pretty sure that would be a COMPLETELY different show...

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do you ever wonder why people like you

like you literally think you’re the worst thing in existence but then someone else think you’re great and wonderful and everything you think you’re not

and more often than not, that other person thinks the same way you do

why do we find such perfection and good in others, yet not ourselves

its very puzzling to me

idk i’m getting soul search-y

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Is it too much to ask for you to be in the front of someone’s mind as much as they are in the front of yours?

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I wish I could flash forward 50 years and see the future me. If I could do that I would just want to ask myself one question: Does everything turn out the way I want it too? The way I’m hoping it will now? Hopefully I would answer yes, but if I were to come back with no, then I know that I would sit my younger self down and explain what I can expect and what I shouldn’t expect.

That all said, apparently skipping to the end of a story ruins it…

So I have no idea what I would do if given the opportunity to find out what my future contains…

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Contrasting Nature

The last couple of days have been rather wet where I live, not surprising as it normally gets wet around this time of year. However I was walking home today from the train station as the sun was setting and I couldn’t help but notice something that really made me think (I tend to turn the slightest thing into something deep and meaningful). There were some really dark rain clouds overhead and off into the distance and just in front of me was this tree that was in the perfect position to get all the light from the sun as it was setting. It was this perfect contrast between dark greys and bright greens, the clouds and the tree. It might not sound like much, and to be honest I’m sure most people didn’t think twice about it, but to me it just seemed like this really fantastic glimpse into a world that can be so frighting and yet so beautiful at the same time within a very short distance. I am regretting now not taking a photo of it, but it was just something that has really seemed to stick with me. This delicate clash between two aspects of our world that contrast and combine to create something that people are just used to will never stop to astound me.

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The Butterfly And She

She sits alone in the field, the wind blowing into her face and making her hair flow smoothly behind her. The grass moves like soft waves on a calm ocean and the trees surrounding her sway softly. Sun light warms her face and illuminates the colours around her forming different shades of vibrant greens contrasting and embracing each other. A butterfly flutters down onto the girls left knee and sits there basking in the light without any caution. The mountain off to the girls’ right with its purple composure and snow-capped peak is her primary focus as she looks up and down from her sketch pad. She vividly tries to capture each and every detail and aspect of this beautiful place.

The wind makes her cold as the sun moves behind a cloud and leaves the field without colour. The trees and grass no longer dance but rather battle over which is green and which is not. The slow rolling waves of the grass now look like rough seas that not even an experienced fisherman could handle. The mountain with its once welcoming purple hue has turned into a looming black and the butterfly that came to the girl for warmth and comfort has now begun to fly away as none of that is left for it. The girl stops drawing and looks up from her pad, her world that once was happy, peaceful and welcoming is now sad, violent and deserted.

The wind changes direction and pushes the cloud away. Sun and warmth return to the field and the purple and greens reappearance are deeply welcomed by the girl. As she returns to her drawing she feels the warmth embracing her and her hair that flows in the wind behind her. The butterfly that once deserted her returns and rests on her shoulder. She contemplates shooing it away seeing as it did not stay when the slightest thing went wrong. She forgives it and says to herself:

“Isn’t it amazing that one simple action, whether it’s in your hands or not, can cast a shadow over everything around you, make friends flee and force your whole world to change, if only for a second.”

She sits in the field, not alone but with the wisdom that although how perfect something might seem, it can still leave you stranded in the darkest of moments.

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